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...Laser-compact Group specializes in research, development and manufacturing of ultra-violet (UV), green and infrared (IR)
diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers....

About company


Founded in 1992 Laser-compact has a 24-year experience of custom-design projects in the filed of DPSS lasers.
To 1992 the most skilled specialists who work currently at Laser-compact Group have been dedicated to the development of this type of lasers for over than 25 years.
They are authors of more than a hundred of scientific papers and tens of patents in the field of laser technology.
The first commercial model of DPSS laser in the world LTI-101 was developed with this group and put into commercial production in the year 1981.
Up-to-date, more than 150 models of DPSS lasers have been developed by Laser-compact Group specialists.
Laser-compact offers CW and pulsed lasers operating in green, infrared and ultraviolet spectrum range for use in various application fields: mass spectrometry, laser microdissection, laser microscopy, interferometry, holography, industrial & medical alignment/positioning.
In 2002 after ten years of successful work in the frame of one company the diversification of the activity have been made.

Three new companies have been founded:
Laser-export Co. Ltd.,
Laser-element Co. Ltd.,
Laser-compact Plus Co. Ltd.

During a 24-year activity at the laser market, the companies have produced over 46,000 of DPSS lasers for world-leading industrial companies.
Laser-compact group is the exporter of DPSS lasers to 40 countries worldwide.
The main part of the production volume is distributed in Germany, USA, France and Japan.



IQNet Certificate

To fulfill the customers needs and expectations Laser-export Co. continually improves the quality of products and the effectiveness of work at all departments of the company.


In October 2015 Laser-export Co. has confirmed compliance of its Management System with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008. This has been registered in the International Certification Network IQNet under registration number RU-15.1262.026.


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate