...Laser-compact Group specializes in research, development and manufacturing of ultra-violet (UV), green and infrared (IR)
diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers....
ISO 9001:2008 certified

Model LCM-T-112 (1064 nm)

Application fields: test & measurement, crystal inspection, alignment, partial scattering & analysis.

Small size laser modules for OEM
High reliable product industrially verified during many years
Stable output within temperature range
> 10,000 hours lifetime
Incorporated driver
Small in size and easy-to-install laser modules provide gas-laser beam quality and semiconductor-laser-module size
High-tech device in a simple tube
Comply to RoHS directive requirements






Parameter / Model LCM-T-112
Wavelength, nm 1064
Output power, mW 10 100 150 200
   Diameter at output, mm
   Divergence (full angle, ), mrad

0.9 0.2
2.0 0.4
Polarization linear, 100:1
Stability at housing temperature

2% per 8 hrs
10% per 10
Housing temperature range, 15 - 35
Electrical feed requirements stabilized 3.3 - 3.5 V DC / max 1.4 A
Heating power @3.3VDC 4.6 W
Humidity 80%, non-condensing
Storage temperature range, 5 - 50
Laser Class IIIb
Dimensions, mm 14.8 x 112 0.3
Drawing of laser head Drawing
Drawing of fan heat sink for LH Drawing