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TiSon GSA     NEW

High-energy broadly tunable compact nanosecond Ti:Sapphire laser

TiSon lasers have been developed specifically for photoacoustic imaging (PAI) in biomedical applications. This novel technique provides structural and functional information of tissues. In addition to high-resolution visualization of biological objects, PAI has the ability to detect hemoglobin, lipids, water and light-absorbing chromophores by taking a measurement at several wavelengths (the Multi-Spectral or Multi-Wavelength PAI technique).

Application fields:  photoacoustic imaging, laser spectroscopy, high technologies R&D.

Fully automated wavelength tuning
Programmable Fast Wavelength Switching
Random wavelength access
High pulse energy
Short pulse duration
High pulse-to-pulse stability
Perfect beam quality
Maintenance-free operation
Ultra-compact footprint
Fully integrated packaging. No free standing pump laser.
Fiber-coupling option is available on request  



TiSon GSA datasheet


Parameter / Model TiSon GSA
Wavelength, nm 700-910
Pulse Energy at 1 kHz, mJ d0.5 at 700 nm
d0.7 at 750 nm
d1 at 800 nm
d0.7 at 850 nm
d0.5 at 910 nm
Average Output Power, W d 1
Line Width of laser emission, nm s 1
Range of Pulse Repetition Rate single pulse - 1 kHz
Pulse Duration(FWHM), ns s 10
Pulse-to-pulse Stability - StDev/Mean,% 2
Long-term Stability (Av. Power (RMS)/Av. Power) d 4% / 8 hrs
Beam Profile TEMoo
Beam Diameter (x, at output aperture), mm 1 c0.2
Beam Divergence (full angle,), mrad 1.3 c0.2
Beam Quality, M2 1.2
Polarization Linearity d 100:1, horizontal (a 5s)
Wavelength tuning method electronic, PC controlled, programmable custom wavelength scanning
Wavelength Switching Time (between any wavelength in custom wavelength scanning mode) < 1 ms

Dimensions (LxHxW), mm

                                       Laser Head

                                       Power Supply


308 x 130 x 235

291 x 180 x 292

Weight , kg

                                       Laser Head

                                       Power Supply


9 s 0.2

11.5 s 0.2

Operation Voltage, V 24 s 10%
Max. Current Consumption, A d 12
Max. Power Consumption, W d 350
Typical Power Consumption, W d 300

Unless stated otherwise, parameters are specified at 800 nm, 1 kHz repetition rate. 1053 nm residual pump irradiation output (through a separate output window).

All specifications may change without notice.

TiSon GSA features Programmable Fast Wavelength Switching. It allows to program wavelength and energy of every laser pulse at 1 kHz repetition rate.

Fast wavelength switching is important to prevent distortion due to breathing or blood pulsation during in vivo applications.


Fig. 1 shows a screen shot of TiSon GSA GUI with an example of wavelength switching algorithm, the resulted spectrum and the pulse train.

(a) TiSon GUI window. In the Custom Scan table the user sets up the desired wavelengths, number of pulses at each wavelength and pulse energies in % of maximum. In this example three wavelengths were set with 1 pulse at each wavelength.

(b) Measured laser output spectrum. Integration time of the spectrometer was set to 20 ms. Each spectrometer frame included 20 laser pulses. All 3 wavelengths were detected simultaneously.



(c) Measured laser pulse train. Pulse amplitude was different at 720, 800 and 880 nm due to wavelength dependence of detector response and laser pulse energy setting.


Paper in Photonics N3/57/2016: "Son of Titan: broadly tunable high-energy nanosecond Ti:Sapphire laser TiSon GSB"