...Laser-compact Group specializes in research, development and manufacturing of ultra-violet (UV), green and infrared (IR)
diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers....
ISO 9001:2008 certified

Model DTL-375QT (355 nm)

Application fields:  mass-spectrometry, laser microdissection, laser-induced fluorescence, biotechnology, high technologies R&D

Active Q-switched mode of operation with short pulse duration
External / internal triggering, PC control via RS-232
Improved long-term stability due to feedback using
OEM version and complete CDRH laser system are available
Output in ultra-violet, green and infrared spectrum ranges (all three harmonics) - is available at special request










Parameter / Model DTL-375QT
Wavelength, nm 355
Max. value of Average Pulse Energy at 0.01 - 2 kHz, 20 15%
Max. value of Average pulse energy at the range single pulse - 0.01 kHz, 20 25%
Max. Value of Average Output Power (typically at 3 kHz), mW 35
Wavelength rejection 532nm/1064nm emissions, % of UV 0.1
Mode of Operation Q-switched with AOM,
ext./int. triggering/through RS-232
Range of Pulse Repetition Rate, kHz
   Ext. Triggering
   Int. Triggering: through RS-232
                          without PC

single pulse - 10
0.01 - 10
Pulse-to-pulse Stability - StDev/Mean
(at 0.01 - 2.0 kHz nominal 1 hour)
Pulse Duration (at 2 kHz, FWHM), ns 5 2
Divergence (full angle, at 4 kHz), mrad 5.0 0.6
Beam Profile TEMoo
Beam Diameter (at 4 kHz, at laser aperture), mm 0.7 0.2
Beam  Ellipticity 1.75 : 1
Beam  Height, mm 33.5 0.5
Polarization Linearity 100:1, horizontal (5)
Output beam pointing stability (std dev, at 2 kHz), μrad 100
Laser Trigger to Sync Out Pulse
(at 0.01 - 2.0 kHz, Average Pulse Energy 20 10), ns
   Time Delay
   Jitter, FWHM

300 250
Laser Emission to Sync Out Pulse
(at 0.01 - 2.0 kHz, Average Pulse Energy 20 10), ns
   Time Delay

External Trigger (Input signal):
   Pulse Amplitude, V
   Pulse Duration, ns
   Rise Time, ns
   AC impedance, kOhm

5 10%
1 and 20
Output Sync Pulse (Output signal):
   Pulse Duration, ns
   Pulse Amplitude, V
   Rise Time, ns

2.5 30%
5 10% (Rload=50 Ohm)
Operating Temp/Humidity Range 15 - 35 /Up to 80%, non-condensing
Shipping Temp/Humidity Range -40 to 50 / Up to 80% humidity at 25
(In the manufacturer package)
Dimensions (without connectors), mm (L x H x W)
   Laser Head
   Laser Head with Heat Sink
   Power Supply
   Power Supply with Heat Sink

max 299 x 90 x 55
max 299 x 122 x 90
150 x 43 x 93 (x 115 with key)
150 x 110 x 93 (x 115 with key)
Operating voltage
   without AC/DC adapter, V
   with AC/DC adapter, V

12 10% V DC
90 264 V AC
Current consumption, A 6
Warm Up Time 10 min
Remote control of laser parameters
(Ext./Int. Triggering, ON/OFF, pulse repetition rate, pulse energy) 
via RS-232 interface
Frequency of exchange via interface RS-232 4800b / per second
Laser Class (CDRH) IIIb
Compliance CDRH, CE
Weight, kg:
   Laser head
   Power supply unit
   Fan heat sink of Laser Head
   Fan heat sink of Power Supply

Drawing of laser head Drawing
Drawing of DC power supply Drawing
Drawing of fan heat sink for LH Drawing
Drawing of fan heat sink for PSU Drawing


1 Triggering with external electric pulse generator; generator is not included in delivery set.
2 Generation of periodical laser pulses using PC, step 0.01 kHz. Average energy may be changed by software from 10% up to maximum value.
3 Generation of periodical laser pulses at 1 kHz rep. rate; external generator and/or PC are not needed.
4 Gaussian shape of beam profile allows focusing into extremely small sport ( 1 µm).
5 Beam waist is placed approximately 100 mm behind the front panel of laser head (inside of laser head).
6 Sync Out signal is generated by pulse of laser light.
7 Without AC/DC adapter AS-120P-12 (12 V DC).