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diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers....
ISO 9001:2008 certified

Model DTL-322 (1064 nm)

Application fields:  high technologies R&D, test&measurement equipment, medical equipment, quality control, optical tweezers.

Perfect beam quality, TEMoo
High stability of output power
Power adjustment, PC control via RS-232
OEM version and complete CDRH laser system are available










Parameter / Model DTL-322
Wavelength, nm 1064
Output Power, mW 300 1000 2000
Mode of operation CW
Output power stability, % / 8 hours 2
Optical noise (RMS, 10 Hz 20 MHz), % 0.5
Output power adjustment (of nominal value, via RS-232) 10 - 100%
Transverse mode TEMoo
Quality, M2 1.3
   Divergence (full angle, ), mrad
   Diameter, mm

1.2 0.1
Beam static alignment tolerance, mm 0.5
Beam angular alignment tolerance, mrad 5.0
Polarization linearity 100:1, linear, horizontal
Linewidth, nm 0.2
Operation temperature, 15 - 40
Warm-up time 5 min
PC control via RS-232 ON/OFF, output power control
Frequency of exchange via RS-232 interface 4800 b / per second
Expected lifetime, hours 10 000
Dimensions, mm
   Laser Head
   Power Supply (with the key)*

241 x 90 x 55
190 х 91(115)* х 27
Weight, kg
   Laser Head
   Power Supply

Operating voltage
   without AC/DC adapter, V
   with AC/DC adapter, V

12 10% V DC
90 264 V AC
Power consumption (max. at turning-on), W 70 80 100
Laser class IIIb IV
Drawing of laser head Drawing
Drawing of DC power supply Drawing
Drawing of fan heat sink for LH Drawing