...Laser-compact Group specializes in research, development and manufacturing of ultra-violet (UV), green and infrared (IR)
diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers....
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Product Overview

Laser-export Co. Ltd. manufactures pulsed (ultraviolet, green, infrared and multiwavelength) and CW (green and infrared) diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers. They are small in size, easy in use, air-cooled and feature excellent technical parameters. Our lasers are used as main parts in analytical, industrial, medical and scientific instruments in various applications.


TECHNOLOGY-series lasers for OEM

TECHNOLOGY-series lasers are actively q-switched DPSS lasers which are intended to be used in industrial applications. Development of this series is based on many years experience in R&D and manufacturing of Q-switched lasers: more than 2,500 of this kind lasers (mainly UV) have been produced for OEMs in mass-spectrometry, micro-dissection and marking applications.

Small and powerful TECH-series lasers are new alternatives to the large, complicated and expensive high-power lasers. Due to combination of high pulse energy and peak power, ultra-compact footprint and conductive cooled laser head, superior pulse-to-pulse stability and beam quality, low power consumption and maintenance-free operation, they meet OEM customers' requirements and are more adequate for commercial applications.
Offering both high power and high laser intensity on target (GW/cm2) in the visible, these lasers present unique advantages for efficient laser micromachining (especially of transparent materials).

TECH-series include four different lines: Express, Specific, Basic and Advanced. Each line has its advantages.

Express line features the shortest pulse width and provides the highest peak power: up to 300 kW at 1053 nm and up to 250 kW at 527 nm.

Specific line offers the smallest high-energy lasers for OPO pumping and other applications. It features longer pulse width compared with the other lines and the highest pulse energy: up to 2 mJ in IR and up to 1 mJ in green spectrum range.

Basic line of TECH-series lasers with low power consumption and economic price was specially designed for budget applications. Advanced line features the highest average output power (at 4 kHz) and higher pulse energy compared with Basic line models. 527 and 1053 nm wavelengths are available.

Advanced line TECH-series lasers are available at 1053 nm and 527 nm, feature the high average power (at 4 kHz) and more high pulse energy compared with Basic line of TECH- series lasers.

TECH-series lasers are ideal sources for use in micro processing of different materials, including biological tissues, thin films, multilayered structures and semiconductors (for example, resistors trimming, LCD repair, scribing of photovoltaic and other electric thin films, marking of cables, PC boards, gemstones, surface or inside-glass marking, etc.)

Applications: various types of spectroscopy (including LIBS), light detection (aerosol and fluorescence measurement and detection), hi-tech R&D, photoacoustics (laser-based ultrasound for non-destructive inspection of materials), laser microscopy.



We offer several models of actively Q-switched short-pulsed UV lasers with output at 355nm. Over the past few years ultraviolet lasers are the most popular products from Laser-compact's product range.

Due to long-term cooperating with OEM customers, we have good experience in R&D and manufacturing of reliable UV lasers for mass-spectrometry, laser microdissection, marking and environment monitoring projects, where our UV lasers are used. The main advantage of our Q-switched UV lasers (as example, compared with Nitrogen lasers) is long-term maintenance-free operation, which enables their use in analytical and industrial equipment.

Applications: mass-spectrometry (MALDI TOF), laser microdissection, laser-induced fluorescence, marking, biotechnology, high technologies R&D, environment monitoring.



Our pulsed green lasers are actively Q-switched. We offer TECH-series lasers with pulse energy up to 1000 at 527 nm and DTL-series lasers (DTL-314QT) at 532 nm. The lasers feature short pulse width of less than 5 ns, high stability of laser pulse energy, possibility of external and internal triggering, PC control and a wide range of pulse repetition rates (from single pulses to more than 10 kHz). The applications of our green pulsed lasers include marking, micro-machining and testing of materials,OPO pumping, LIBS, photoacoustics and remote sensing.



The simplest and most reliable of our lasers are infrared lasers. This applies both pulsed and continuous wave models. For many years our customers have confirmed long-term and stable operation of our IR lasers.

We offer Q-switched TECH-series lasers with pulse energy up to 2000 at 1053 nm (TECH-1053 Specific) and DTL-series lasers (DTL-324QT) with pulse energy up to 100 at 1064 nm.

As for CW IR lasers, at present time we offer DTL-series laser at 1053 and 1064 nm with output power up to 2.5 W and low optical noise ( 0.5%) - models DTL-423 (1053 nm) and DTL-322 (1064 nm).

Applications of IR lasers: micro-processing, laser marking, non-destructive control, high technologies R&D, photoacoustics, laser ranging etc.